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Sanlin Laminating has 10+ years of experience in manufacturing laminating machines. We are committed to provide the best quality laminating machines perfect for your business. Contact us today!

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    Why Sanlin Laminating is a Trusted Manufacturer of Laminating Machine

    Sanlin Laminate is your trusted Laminating Machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We possess modern and sophisticated facilities and machinery lines, allow us to produce the latest and advanced designs of Laminating Machine. Our extensive lines of Laminating Machine includes VERTICALLAMINATING MACHINE, PRECOATING FILM LAMINATOR, ROLL VERTICAL LAMINATING, AUTOMATIC VERTICAL LAMINATING, HOT KNIFE VERTICAL LAMINATING, and more. Always rely on Laminating machine manufacturer expert – Sanlin laminate! Message us today.

    Sanlin Laminating Machine

    Sanlin fully Automatic Vertical High-precision and multi-duty laminator as a professional equipment used for plastic film laminating on the surface of paper printed matter. Widely applicable for laminating in packaging, paper box, books, magazines, and calendars fields.Improving the printing matter grades, and achieve the purpose of dustproof, waterproof, oil proof. It’s the best choice for laminating enterprises of all scales.


    The laminating machine has a vacuum suction feeding system to accurately introduce the paper into the machine.It is widely used in postcards, posters, books and magazines, information books, posters, color box packaging, hand bags, etc. This model has the advantages of power saving, fast speed and easy operation, which is the first choice of large and medium-sized laminating enterprises with high cost performance.


    The paper feeder is an important component of the laminating machine. The function of the paper feeder is to automatically, accurately, smoothly, and periodically separate the paper sheets one by one and continuously feed them to the designated positioning components.The paper feeding method of this machine is continuous feeding, which has the advantages of high automation, compact structure, good performance, convenient operation, accurate paper feeding, and high precision.

    Sanlin Laminating Machine

    Sanlin laminating is a professional laminating machine manufacturer with profound experience and history in this industry. We consist of a dedicated and skilled team professionally engaged in unique R&D, designing, manufacturing, and sales of various types of food laminating machines.

    For your satisfaction, we offer fully customize food laminating machines based on your specific demands and requirements. Send your inquiry today!

    Full automatic laminating machine manufacturer

    Laminating Solution for Your Product

    Plastic ceiling laminating
    Wardrobe board covered with film
    Plastic ceiling coating
    more packing solution

    Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Laminating Machines Supplier

    Sanlin Laminate– Your Leading Laminating Machine Manufacturer

    The laminating machine can make the surface of the laminated print appear smoother and brighter. Not only does laminating machine improve the gloss and fastness of the printed material, but it also effectively extends the life and time of the printed material. In addition, the laminating machine makes the colors of the printed graphics appear more vibrant and three-dimensional.

    With the increasing demand for plastic film for various products, various machines and equipment for plastic film also appear at this time. Sanlin laminating machine can make the products look more beautiful, and also has the characteristics of waterproof, stain-proof, oil-proof, etc.

    Are you looking for the best  laminating machine? Sanlin Laminate is the best choice. We provide a wide range of laminating machines with stable and great performance.

    Ruian Sanlin Machinery Co., Ltd. is an innovative national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, and after-sales service, and currently has a number of national invention patents. The company focuses on the research and development of high-speed laminating machine, hot knife laminating machine, chain laminating machine, roll laminating machine and other automated equipment manufacturing, as well as automated production lines and system integration engineering.We also offer custom-made laminating machines with your specific idea and requirements. Just send your request and we will handle the best process.

    Our cost-effective, easy to operate Sanlin laminating machines are perfect for company or factory who wants to manage their laminating processes smoothly and perfectly. Whether for the first time or to the bigger producer looking for more efficiency and productivity of their products, Sanlin laminating machines are the suitable equipment for your business.

    Sanlin laminating carefully designed laminating machines which applicable for various industries hotels, garment shops,  beverage factory, restaurant, etc. It is structured with high-grade stainless steel and other superior quality raw materials to ensure durability and long-lasting quality. The mechanical design and transmission system of Sanlin laminating machines are simple, the operating system is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.

    In China, Sanlin laminating is famous for providing the most promising quality of laminating machines. Our company has a perfect management mechanism, a strong workforce, mature technology, and a first-class manufacturing team.

    We possess a complete production line with a whole operation system consists of machine design, development, production, installation, and service. You can rely on our capabilities and facility because we obtained the IS09000 quality certificate and CE certificate. Throughout the years, we consistently deliver sincere service and superior quality of our laminating machines, that’s why many customers trust us and our machines have won the honor and reputation among customers worldwide.

    Our engineering team is composed of more than 10 people, and we develop new equipment and machines to keep up-to-date with market demands and ever-changing technology.

    Enhance your brand and business with Sanlin laminating . Cooperate now to satisfy your needs!

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